Do TaeKwon-Do


As a student progresses through the grades in Tae Kwon-Do, they will need to learn various facts, commands and techniques. Where the English and Korean translation is available, both languages need to be learned.

Match Game

Many people find it hard to learn Taekwon-do theory and frequently struggle to remember the English and Korean translation for terms.

An easier way to learn is by playing a games.

Match is the classic game of pairing related items together in as short a time as possible.


The Founder Of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, 9th Degree Black Belt.


Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art.


Taekwon-Do literally means ‘Foot Hand Art’ - The art of hand and foot fighting.


Taekwon-Do was founded on 11th April 1955.


ITF - International Taekwon-Do Federation.


Tenents Of Taekwon-Do

  1. Courtesy
  2. Integrity
  3. Perseverance
  4. Self Control
  5. Indominatable Spirit


English Korean
Attention Charyot
Ready Junbi
Back to Ready Paro
At Ease Swiyo
Dismiss Hae San


English Korean
One Hanna
Two Dul
Three Set
Four Net
Five Dasot
Six Yasot
Seven Elgob
Eight Yadol
Nine Ahop
Ten Yol


English Korean
Low Najunde
Middle Kaunde
High Nopunde


English Korean
Instructor Sabum


English Korean
Foot Tae
Hand Kwon
Art Do
Pattern Tul
Release Jappyosul Tae
Dodging Phihagi
Stepping Omgyo Didigi
Sliding Mikulgi
Turning Dolgi
Jumping Twigi
Body Dropping Mom Nachugi
Foot Shifting Jajun Bal
Foot Lifting Bal Dulgi

Body Parts

English Korean
Fore Fist Ap Joomuk
Knife-Hand Sonkal
Forearm Palmok
Outer Forearm Bakat Palmok
Inner Forearm An Palmok
Knee Moorup
Clenched Fist Jwinun Bop
Back Fist Dung Joomuk
Long Fist Ghin Joomuk
Open Fist Pyun Joomuk
Palm Sonbadak
Knuckle Fist Sonkarak Joomuk
Middle Knuckle Fist Joongji Joomuk
Fore-Knunckle Fist Inji Joomuk
Thumb Knuckle Fist Umji Joomuk
Reverse Knife-Hand Sonkal Dung
Fingertips Sonkut
Flat Fingertip Opun Sonkut
Straight Fingertip Sun Sonkut
Upset Fingertip Dwijibun Sonkut
Angle Fingertip Homi Sonkut
Thumb Umji
Forefinger Han Sonkarak
Double Fingertip Doo Sonkarak
Arc-Hand Bandal Son
Back Hand Sondung
Back Forearm Dung Palmok
Under Forearm Mit Palmok
Elbow Palkup
Finger Pincers Jipge Son
Base Of Knife-Hand Sonkal Batang
Press Finger Jiap
Bear Hand Gomson
Bow Wrist Sonmok Dung
Finger Belly Songarak Badak
Thunb Ridge Umji Batang
Ball Of Foot Apkumchi
Footsword Balkal
Back Sole Dwitkumchi
Back Heel Dwichook
Instep Baldung
Side Instep Yop Baldung
Reverse Footsword Balkal Dung
Side Sole Yop Bal Badak
Toes Balkut
Forehead Ima
Occiput Hudoo
Shoulder Euhke
Inner Ankle Joint An Balmok Gwanjol
Outer Ankle Joint Bakat Balmok Gwanjol
Tibia Kyong Gol
Inner Tibia An Kyong Gol
Outer Tibia Bakat Kyong Gol
Back Tibia Dwit Kyong Gol
Toe Edge Balgarak Nal
Shin Jong Kwaeng-i


English Korean
Attention Stance Charyot Sogi
Parallel Stance Narani Sogi
Walking Stance Gunnun Sogi
Sitting Stance Annun Sogi
L-Stance Niunja Sogi
Bending Stance Guburyo Sogi
Fixed Stance Gojung Sogi
X-Stance Kyocha Sogi
Low Stance Nachuo Sogi
Close Stance Moa Sogi
Vertical Stance Soojik Sogi
Open Stance Palja Sogi
Inner Open Stance An Palja Sogi
Outer Open Stance Bakat Palja Sogi
Diagonal Stance Sasun Sogi
Crouched Stance Oguryo Sogi
One-Leg Stance Waebal Sogi
Rear Foot Stance Dwitbal Sogi
Ready Stance Junbi Sogi
Bow Posture Kyong Ye Jase
Parallel Ready Stance Narani Junbi Sogi
Open Ready Stance Palja Junbi Sogi
Sitting Ready Stance Annun Junbi Sogi
Close Ready Stance Moa Junbi Sogi
Walking Ready Stance Gunnun Junbi Sogi
Bending Ready Stance Guburyo Junbi Sogi
L-Ready Stance Niunja Junbi sogi
X-Ready Stance Kyocha Junbi sogi
Close Ready Stance A Moa Junbi Sogi A
Close Ready Stance B Moa Junbi Sogi B
Close Ready Stance C Moa Junbi Sogi C
Bending Ready Stance A Guburyo Junbi Sogi A
Bending Ready Stance B Guburyo Junbi Sogi B


English Korean
Obverse Punch Baro Jirugi
Reverse Punch Bandae Jirugi
Straight Fingertip Thrust Sun Sonkut Tulgi
Elbow Strike Palkup Taerigi
Back Fist Strike Dung Joomuk Taerigi
Upper Elbow Strike Wi Palkup Taerigi
Twin Vertical Punch Sang Sewo Jirugi
Twin Upset punch Sang Dwijibo Jirugi
Angle Punch Giokja Jirugi
Low Upset Thrust Najunde Dwijibun Sonkut Tulgi
Twin Side Elbow Thrust Sang Yop Palkup Tulgi
High Flat Finger-Tip Thrust Nopunde Opun Sonkut Tulgi
Downward knife-hand Strike Naeryo Sonkal Taerigi
Elbow Thrust Palkup Tulgi
Inward knife-hand Strike Anuro Sonkal Taerigi
High Reverse knife-hand Front Strike Nopunde Sonkal Dung Ap Taerigi
Walking Stance Obverse Punch Gunnun So Baro Jirugi
L-Stance Obverse Punch Niunja So Baro Jirugi
Rear Foot Stance Reverse Punch Dwitbal So Bandae Jirugi
Vertical Stance Punch Soojik So Jirugi
X-Stance Punch Kyocha So Jirugi
Vertical Punch Sewo Jirugi
Side Punch Yop Jirugi
Side Front Punch Yobap Jirugi
Side Vertical Punch Yop Sewo Jirugi
Upward Punch Ollyo Jirugi
Upset Punch Dwijibo Jirugi
U-Shape Punch Digutja Jirugi
Downward Punch Naeryo Jirugi
Crescent Punch Bandal Jirugi
Turning Punch Dollyo Jirugi
Knuckle Fist Punch Songarak Joomuk Jirugi
Horizontal Punch Soopyong Jirugi
Downward Thrust Naeryo Tulgi
Side Thrust Yop Tulgi
Side Front Thrust Yobap Tulgi
Horizontal Thrust Soopyong Tulgi
Inward Strike Anuro Taerigi
Downward Strike Naeryo Taerigi
Outward Strike Bakuro Taerigi
Side Strike Yop Taerigi
Horizontal Strike Soopyong Taerigi
Front Strike Ap Taerigi
Crescent Strike Bandal Taerigi
Side Back Strike Yopdwi Taerigi
Side Front Strike Yobap Taerigi


English Korean
L-Stance Knife-Hand Guarding Block Niunja So Sonkal Daebi Makgi
L-Stance Twin Forearm Block Niunja So Sang Palmok Makgi
Palm Hooking Block Sonbadak Golcho Makgi
High Double Forearm Block Nopunde Doo Palmok Makgi
Palm Upward Block Sonbadak Ollyo Makgi
X-Fist Rising Block Kyocha Joomuk Chookyo Makgi
Palm Pressing Block Sonbadak Noollo Makgi
X-Fist Pressing Block Kyocha Joomuk Noolo Makgi
Double Forearm Pushing Block Doo Palmok Miro Makgi
High Inner Forearm Side Block Nopunde An Palmok Yop Makgi
Inward Outer Forearm Block Anuro Bakat Palmok Makgi
X Knife-Hand Block Kyocha Sonkal Makgi
High Block Nopunde Makgi
Middle Block Kaunde Makgi
Low Block Najunde Makgi
Inward Block Anuro Makgi
Outward Block Bakuro Makgi
Front Block Ap Makgi
Side Block Yop Makgi
Side Front Block Yobap Makgi
Double Forearm Block Doo Palmok Makgi
Waist Block Hori Makgi
Checking Block Mochau Makgi
Outside Block Bakat Makgi
Inside Block An Makgi
Rising Block Chookyo Makgi
Upward block Ollyo Makgi
Downward Block Naeryo Makgi
Pressing Block Noollo Makgi
Hooking Block Golcho Makgi
Wedging Block Hechyo Makgi
Grasping Block Butjab Makgi
Parallel Block Narani Makgi
Pushing Block Miron Makgi
Luring Block Yuin Makgi
Scooping Block Duro Makgi
Guarding Block Daebi Makgi
Twin Forearm Block Sang Palmok Makgi
Twin Knife-Hand Block Sang Sonkal Makgi
Double Arc-Hand Block Doo Bandalson Makgi
Circular Block Dollimyo Makgi
Nine Shape Block Gutja Makgi
U-Shape Block Mongdung-i Makgi
U-Shape Grasp Mongdung-i Japgi
W-Shape Block San Makgi
Horizontal Block Soopyong Makgi
Dodging Pihangi


English Korean
Front Snap Kick Apcha busigi
Front Rising Kick Apcha Olligi
Side Piercing Kick Yopcha Jirugi
Flying High Kick Twimyo Nopi Chagi
Flying Side Piercing Kick Twimyo Yopcha Jirugi
Turning Kick Dollyo Chagi
Double Side Piercing Kick I-Jung Yopcha Jirugi
Downward Kick Naeryo Chagi
Crescent Kick Bandal Chagi
Twisting Kick Bituro Chagi
Checking Kick Cha Momchugi
Pressing Kick Noollo Chagi
Reverse Turning Kick Bandae Dollyo Chagi
Back Piercing Kick Dwitcha Jirugi
Hooking Kick Golcho Chagi
Reverse Hooking Kick Bandae Dollyo Goro Chagi
Upward Kick Ollyo Chagi
Flying Reverse Turning Kick Twimyo Bandae Dollyo Chagi
Flying Back Piercing Kick Twimyo Dwitcha Jirugi
Consecutive Kick Yonsok Chagi
High Kick Nopunde Chagi
Middle Kick Kaunde Chagi
Low Kick Najunde Chagi
Piercing Kick Cha Jirugi
Back Pushing Kick Dwitcha Milgi
Side Thrusting Kick Yopcha Tulgi
Side Pushing Kick Yopcha Milgi
Smashing Kick Cha Busigi
Side Front Snap Kick Yobap Cha Busigi
Back Snap Kick Dwitcha Busigi
Stamping Kick Cha Bapgi
Side Turning Kick Yop Dollyo Chagi
Pick-Shape Kick Gok-Kaeng-i Chagi
Vertical Kick Sewo Chagi
Sweeping Kick Suroh Chagi
Grasping Kick Butjapgo Chagi
Straight Kick Jigeau Chagi
Punching Kick Jiumyo Chagi
Counter Kick Bada Chagi
Foot Tackling Bal Golgi
Skip Kick Duro Gamyo Chagi
Two Direction Kick Sangbang Chagi
Flying Kick Twimyo Chagi
Mid-Air Kick Twio Dolmyo Chagi
Overhead Kick Twio Nomo Chagi
Flying Scissor-Shape Kick Twimyo Kawil Chagi
Flying Trapeziod Punching-Kick Twimyo Jirumyo Chagi
Flying U-Shape Punching-Side Kick Twio Digutja Jirumyo Yop Chagi
Flying Double Kick Twimyo I-jung Chagi
Flying Triple Kick Twimyo Samjung Chagi
Flying Consecutive Kick Twimyo Yonsok Chagi
Flying Combination Kick Twimyo Honap Chagi
Rising Kick Cha Olligi
Cresent Kick Bandal Chagi
Waving Kick Doro Chagi


English Korean
3-Step Sparring Sambo Matsogi
2-Step Sparring Ibo Matsogi
1-Step Sparring Ilbo Matsogi
Semi-Free Sparring Ban Jayu Matsogi
Free Sparring Jayu Matsogi
Self-defence technique Jagi Bang-eo Gisul