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Close Ready Stance B / Moa Junbi Sogi B

This is a close ready stance with the hands in position B.

  1. Stand with feet together.
  2. Right fist is clenched. Left hand wraps right fist.
  3. The distance between the fists and the navel is about 15 centimeters.
  4. The fists reach the same level as the navel.
  5. Eyes face the front on the horixontal line.
Reproduced from Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi

Feet Positions

Feet positions diagram

Top Tips

There are a number of common mistakes when making a Close Ready Stance B. These are:

  • Feet are not close enough together. The feet should be touching.
  • Students rest their fists against their abdomen. Fists should be held about 15 centimeters from the abdomen.

Front View

Close Ready Stance B Front View

Side View

Close Ready Stance B Side View

top View

Close Ready Stance B top View