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Walking Stance / Gunnun Sogi

This is a strong stace for front and rear, both in attack and defence.

  1. Move one foot to either the front or the rear at a distance of one and a half shoulder widths between the big toes and one shoulder width from one centre of the instep to the other. If the big toes are over one and a half shoulder width in distance then movement from this stance will be slow and weak against an attack from the side and weak against an attack from the front or the rear.
  2. Bend the front leg until the knee cap forms a vertical line with the heal extending the other leg fully.
  3. Distribute the body weight evenly on both feet.
  4. Keep the toes of the front foot pointing forward and the opposite foot 25 degrees outward. If the rear foot is more than 25 degrees, this weakens the leg joint against an attack from the rear.
  5. Tense the muscles of the feet with the feeling of pulling them toward each other.

When the right leg is at the front, the stance is called a right Walking Stance and when the left leg is at the front, it is called a left Walking Stance. It can either be full facing or half facing both in attack and defence.

Reproduced from Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi

Feet Positions

Feet positions diagram

Top Tips

There are a number of common mistakes when making a Walking Stance. These are:

  • Feet are too close together - this make the student unsteady and encourages them to turn their rear foot round for more stability.
  • Rear foot at almost 90 degrees rather than 25 degree - this is usually due to their feet being too close together and makes the stance almost indistinguishable from an L-Stance.
  • Rear leg is bent - this reduces the power a student can deliver in a block or strike as they do not have a firm base to deliver it from.
  • Rear foot is off the ground - usually due to the rear leg being bent and again reduces the power a student can deliver.

Front View

Walking Stance Front View

Centre of gravity

Side View

Walking Stance Side View

Centre of gravity

Incorrect - Rear Heal

Walking Stance Incorrect - Rear Heal

Rear heal is off the ground.

Incorrect - Too Wide

Walking Stance Incorrect - Too Wide

Feet are too wide apart making movement slow and week.

Incorrect - Front Leg

Walking Stance Incorrect - Front Leg

The front leg is bent excessively giving poor weight distribution. This prohibits kicking with the front foot and makes movement, particularly a backward movement, weak.