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Crouched Stance / Oguryo Sogi

This is a variation of the Diagonal Stance and makes use of leg tension by bending the knees inward.

Althought this stance provides some advantages for shifting into other stances quickly and presents flexible guarding posture to make the opponent move in free sparring, it is not used widely due to the weakness of the knee joints against attack from the sides. The distance between the feet can be inflexible.

When the right foot is advanced, it is called a right Crouched Stance and vica-versa.

It can either be full facing or side facing both in attack and defence.

Reproduced from Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi

Feet Positions

Feet positions diagram

Front View

Crouched Stance Front View

Left crouched stance

Side View

Crouched Stance Side View

Right crouched stance

Back View

Crouched Stance Back View

Right crouched stance